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So last week I decided, that seeing as the weekends are generally slow for my website, I would devote the two days of rest to posts about my personal life. I will do my absolute best to keep in line with this tactic, until something really interesting comes up one of these weekends that I feel the urge to opine about. Fortunately or unfortunately for you, this weekend is not one of those times.

I was recently walking through the biology building, on my way to lab, when I happened upon a poster that caught my eye. It was advertising an event sponsored by the Ontario Lung Association and titled BikeTREK 2009 (PDF). It is a two day, round-trip, 200km bicycle ride from Leamington, Ontario to Windsor, Ontario (I've no clue of the actual bike route to be taken, so the map is only for reference).

There is a small registration fee associated with the event, along with a mandatory minimum of $400 worth of pledges from sponsors the entrant must seek out. Everything seems to be lining up and there is no reason why I will not be doing this event come May. I am already in talks with my place of employment to see if I can attain some form of sponsorship in exchange for advertising the company on the ride. It is a worthy cause, one that does not directly affect me in any way, but one that I support nonetheless.

To say the very least, I am very excited. Mostly because I see this is a definite stepping stone to my eventual goal of running a marathon within the near future.

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  1. I thought you would have commented on the red cross in their name??? Do you know its significance?

  2. Anonymous, to be entirely honest, I had no clue as to its significance. I did some research to find out as its history, and what a history! A heraldic cross to be associated with the crusades against TB, if only modern day symbology were as deeply rooted in history.

    Care to shed any more light on the history that I may have missed?

  3. Variation of the cross of Lorraine and the crusade against TB. Too bad it has a religious symbol - maybe it helps in getting donations from the majority of the population who is religious but it implies that the organization is religious.


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