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The weekend edition of my blog, concerning aspects of my personal life, will most definitely continue.

So, as per last week's post, I have now officially registered to take part in the Ontario Lung Association's 2009 Bike Trek. I am happy to say that there is a real possibility that Rogers will be sponsoring me with a significant pledge and a jersey to promote the brand; I guess one of the benefits of working for The Source by Circuit City is its close ties to Rogers.

I am by no means a sedentary person and enjoy bike riding immensely, along with roller blading and running; but a 200km ride, although split evenly into two days, is definitely something to be training for. I frequent the gym every other day, and have started to actively train for the event, substituting my 8km run on the treadmill for a 20km stationary bike ride. Come good weather, I will start leaving my car and scooter at home at every opportunity, choosing instead to bike to my destinations. Time to get into tip-top shape.
Another thing I definitely need to consider is my bike - it isn't a road bike. It is a really nice mountain bike (TREK 4500, pictured left) that I will have to retrofit to be a little bit more motile on pavement rather than the forest, specifically, by changing the tires. I imagine that most of the riders doing the 200 km route will be the ones dressed in skin tight racing outfits to go along with their racing bikes that weigh next to nothing. I can keep up with these guys, and do so regularly when I come upon a group of them around the city, by virtue of drafting. 

If any of my readers want to help me reach my pledge goal of $400, they can visit my donation page. Any little amount, even a dollar, will be of great help! Much thanks!

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  1. What tires are you thinking of purchasing? And from where?

  2. Some relatively skinny road tires would be most suited to this event, I hope to get them at the same place I got my bicycle: a little shop on Riverside Ave just west of the Ambassador Bridge here in Windsor.

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