Posted by : Konstantine Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am exhausted, but I am also finished. My presentation on Chernobyl is all cued up and ready to make its debut, hopefully I will be coherent for the occasion. I have been sitting in front of my MacBook for about 9 hours, with mild breaks, putting together a viable piece of presentation that I hope will please a few sleepy faces, particularly the professor's, come morning.

I have even managed to do a full rehearsal, less a costume, three times. It is available in most of its glory on YouTube; the lack of my narration will most likely make some portions seem unbearably long. Specifically the videos, which are meant to distract with prettiness while I babble, and include a GoogleEarth tour of Chernobyl Power Station and Pripyat.

I implore you to visit the following links to better understand what occurred that night at Chernobyl; the first link, to YouTube, is especially interesting and well produced:

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