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First, did you do Friday's quiz on Science Awareness?

The weekends are always a slow time for my blog, hit wise, so I will see if I can dedicate the two posts on Saturday and Sunday towards personal life topics, rather than skepticism and science oriented ones.

Officially, it has been four days since I have received my motorcycle license and begun to zip around town on my personally restored Yamaha scooter. I admit that the weather has not been entirely friendly, reaching above 0 celsius only a few times during the past few days. Nonetheless, I have not allowed this to thwart my enjoyment of the scootering experience, no matter how freezing my legs and hands happen to be after going from point a to b.

Apart from the huge grin that fails to leave my face as I zip through town on my errands between home, university and work, I am especially happy to say that I am using far less gasoline than my full-sized car. In fact, I filled up the gas tank for 3.85$ CAD (for 91 octane at 91.5 cents per litre, the good stuff) approximately three days ago and have ridden the scooter approximately 70km so far. The gas tank fuel gauge still reads 3/4 full.

At least I feel like I am doing my part to help the environment. An infinitesimally small dent in the big picture, I know, but a dent nonetheless.

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  1. It is amazing how efficient they are!

  2. You could use a pedal bicycle to be truly green.

  3. Watch out for those theists that drive too close to see your Darwin Fish sticker you got from the Dawkins lecture.

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