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A few posts ago, I described my attempt at building a PID controller for my Crock Pot to try my hand at Sous Vide cooking. It worked great, and in the process I made a PID controller that is an entirely separate unit and thus amenable to any later projects.

There's this excellent smoker on the market called the Big Green Egg, which is as expense as it is awesome. Its expense is enough for me to seek an alternative, which I found in Alton Brown's flower pot smoker, and some detailed instructions provided by another blogger. Two large 16" pots, a single burner and a day later I came up with this:

Single Salton portable burner, which I modified by
removing the hotplate and dremelling the outer perimeter
to fit the base of the pot.

The burner itself then fit nicely into the base of
the pot, which itself was seated into the burner's base.
A single bolt which held the burner in place was extended
to hold the whole thing together.

Here are the holes I measured out and drilled in the pot to
accommodate the burner's leads. The entire assembly is otherwise
in tact and plugs directly into my crockTweet PID box,
seen here on the right.

Here is the whole thing assembled. The temperature
probe is inserted at the top, and measures the dome temperature.
crockTweet PID regulates the whole setup to reach and
maintain my preset temperature for the duration of the
time I set it for.

Smoked sausages!

Whole chicken before.

Whole smoked chicken after.
Great success! The PID parameters needed to be tuned slightly to accommodate the new enclosure. Otherwise, everything was plug and play.

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