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Leamington Triathlon - Part VI


The official results are in. Again, the triathlon consisted of a 750m swim, 30km bike ride and a 5km run, done consecutively.

  • Overall Place - 76/76
  • Bib - 187
  • Name - Konstantine Palanski
  • Total Time - 1:52:14
  • Class Placing - TM20-24 5/5
  • Swim Place - 76/76
  • Swim Time - 37:08
  • Pace/100m - 4:57
  • Bike Place - 67/76
  • Bike Time - 48:20
  • Average Speed - 24.8 km/h
  • Run Place - 48/76
  • Run Time - 26:46
  • Pace/km - 5:22
As is quite obvious, the swimming winded me. However, by the time I was biking and running, I was back up at a competitive level. Swimming lessons, here I come.

Saturday, June 27, 2009
Posted by Konstantine

Leamington Triathlon - Part V


Die I did not! For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I am happy about coming in last place, approximately 52 minutes behind the top finisher, who completed the triathlon in just under one hour.

As expected, the swim portion (750m) was what slowed me down. Apart from being underprepared for that portion of the triathlon, the open water at Leamington harbour (murky, seaweed ridden, unfamiliar) did not do much in the way of facilitating an easy swim. Excuses aside, I concede to needing swimming lessons; I am a weak swimmer at this point, but I know that I can improve vastly given the right training. I will be looking into them soon, as I wish to participate in the next Windsor-area triathlon, taking place in late August. The biking and running portions were a piece of cake, especially with the short distances involved (30km bike, 5km run) and I enjoyed them to a much larger degree.

Overall the experience was priceless and I can honestly say that I am proud of myself for not giving up, even when given ample opportunity to do so. I cannot wait to try my hand at another one of these events, especially when I know there is so much room for improvement.

Sunday, June 21, 2009
Posted by Konstantine

Leamington Triathlon - Part IV


The Leamington Spring Triathlon is tomorrow and there's no two ways around it; there is a good chance I may die tomorrow during the swim portion of the triathlon. I feel remarkably unprepared for swimming 750m and have been caught off guard by this, considering the generally good shape I am in and the training I have been doing. I did not consider the time scale since the Bike Trek, thinking a month would be enough time to train, or the necessary inclusion of a swim coach. Lessons learned for next time! The good thing is that I have whet my appetite for swimming, a sport that I will undoubtedly be pursuing in my attempt to lead a fit lifestyle.

I am still looking forward greatly to tomorrows event and will do my best. Finishing somewhere in the middle of the pack is the goal at this point, winning is not.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Posted by Konstantine

Leamington Triathlon - Part III


A continued update to the Leamington Sprint Triathlon in which I am participating. Just over one week to go! Training is going well, although I definitely underestimated the importance of being prepared for the swimming aspect of the triathlon.

I always knew how fit one had to be to swim, but I have gained a new level of respect for the individuals who practise swimming as a regular sport. It is one of the most taxing forms of exercise that I have ever encountered. I hope to continue swimming regularly after this event as I can hardly remember a time where my body hurt more then after 25 laps in a 75ft pool.

More to come.

Saturday, June 13, 2009
Posted by Konstantine

Leamington Triathlon - Part II


Training has officially commenced as of last weekend. The main thing that concerns me is the swimming portion of the event with a rather short, but nonetheless looming, 750 meter swim in Leamington Harbour:

View Leamington Tomatoman Tri/Du - Swim in a larger map

I have access to the University swimming pool on most days, which has a 22 meter length and allows for a good technique to be ironed out for the big swim. I have to swim what amounts to 35 laps in the swimming pool to without rest to consider myself even remotely ready for the actual event; so far I can do approximately 15. I consider myself to have very good cardiovascular endurance, but after swimming a few laps in the pool, it is easy to understand why technique is just as important as physique. Breathing is of paramount importance.

Saturday, June 6, 2009
Posted by Konstantine

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