Posted by : Konstantine Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am all finished with the Bike Trek! However, I am generally a bit exhausted after doing the 229km and then going to play ultimate frisbee soon after, just to finish myself off. I will give an entire summary of the events of the weekend soon. 
Right now I would like to give a huge thank you to all the people who have supported me in the pledging process, many thanks go out to all these individuals. The Bike Trek could not have happened without them:

A. Licrestan $10.00
Anony mous $5.00
Anony mous $6.00
Anony mous $7.00
Anony mous $9.00
Bob Young $5.00
Dan Daily $10.00
Deanne Nguyen $1.00
Ed Brown $5.00
Eleanor Price $10.00
faisal khan $20.00
G. St. Pierre $10.00
Gary Clement $5.00
Gerald Leboeuf $10.00
Gordon Wilson $20.00
Ian Philips $2.00
Inam Mansour $25.00
Jackie O'Rourke $8.50
Jeff Frey $20.00
Jenna Herdman $40.00
Joanne Janisse $10.00
Lorraine and Roger Godin $20.00
Martlee Gignac $5.00
Mrs. Dupuis $10.00
Orion Slave Association - Windsor Chapter $22.74
Pauline Mellin $5.00
Remo Floreani $10.00
Ron Lecrie $10.00
Sam Pasternak $10.00
Sarah Gifford $5.00
Saul Nosanchuk $25.00
Syed Hussain $20.00
Timmone Dongen $5.00
Umair Alvi $20.00
Valentina and Iouri Balioura $20.00

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  1. Hi Konstantine,

    I just discovered your blog! Its 11:49pm and I'm still so high from the incredible weekend that I can't sleep yet.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your ride this weekend! You did inccredible! It was so much fun meeting you and all the other riders this weekend.

    Thanks again for being a part of the ride! Now its time to train for NEXT year.

    Elaine Sia
    Special Event Coordinator
    The Lung Association

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