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Last semester, during a lecture in my drug design course, there was an small intermission to allow an associate professor of the chemistry department to speak to our rather minute class. He asked for assistance from the class for an upcoming grade and high school science fair, the WRSTEF, that needed knowledgeable senior students enrolled in the sciences to help judge submissions. My interest was peaked, as I clearly remember my own grade school science project, relating to cryogenics, which aided in spurring my interest in science, although at the expense of many a frozen cricket.
I am writing this post in advance of the actual science fair, so excuse me if I butcher the tenses here; understand that I am yet to awake at the unforgiving hour of 6:00 am in order to arrive punctually at 7:30 am and begin the judging process, along with other volunteers, at approximately 8:30 am.
The judging is supposed to be a multifaceted role, as the judge's itinerary proposes; it involves both scoring the projects as well as interacting and guiding the kids who are responsible for them. There will be projects presented by children from grades 3 through 12—I am particularly keen on seeing some of the things the younger kids present, seeing as my little sister will soon want to partake in this type of fair and will undoubtedly be coming to me for guidance.
Depending on my excitement or, more likely, overall fatigue, I will post some of the highlights of the fair later today or as tomorrow's post.

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