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I feel as if I should do my part to promote and support some local business that I have happened upon in my search of hidden gems around the city. Being of European descent and having grown up with eastern European cuisine, I have an insatiable hunger for all things of that kitchen.
It is in the search to satiate this hunger that I happened upon the tiniest of restaurants, named Crossroads Cafe and Barbecue on Ottawa street in Windsor. The entire establishment is run by a pleasant Polish woman who takes care of both the orders and cooking simultaneously. Even though the restaurant seats no more than 20 people, this is quite the feat! Especially since the establishment is never lacking patrons.
The food is amazing and keeps you coming back. The soups are a highlight for me, but anything served on the menu is highly recommended, from the hand battered and tenderized schnitzel to the homemade perogies, everything is simply delicious.
Nothing on the menu is over $10.

Bon appetite!

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  1. yum, schnitzel! How about franz joseph schnitzel?

  2. Thanks for posting. I'll check it out next time I'm on Ottawa St.

  3. It is on Ottawa Street :-)

  4. We had the perogies, patotoe and cheese, potatoe and cottage cheese , and cabage and mushroom. Our family is leaning towards vegetarian, So these dishes were very appropriate for our Christmas Dinner. We purchased 7 dozen and we emnjoyed them very much. I plan to get more and frequently.
    Great perogies


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