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Boy do I have a lot of gaps to fill. My absence (hiatus?) had good reason, but now I would like to share some of my adventures once more. It's been a whirlwind for the past half a year and my escapades continue. I'll start with the most pertinent and pressing thing in my life: my move to Toronto and my accompanying three day scooter trip.

This seems like it will be a long and convoluted story, so I'll do my best to refrain from embellishment here. The main idea is that I have graduated from university, have decided that there are more opportunities for me back in my home city of Toronto and have already moved all of the belongings there. I am leaving my car behind in Windsor due to the fact that I will have a wonderful public transport system at my disposal, as well as my scooter. Hence, the scooter trip. And what a trip!

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My main stops will include Rondeau Provincial Park, Big Creek National Wildlife Area and Hamilton's scenic areas. I'm taking a few changes of clothes, DSLR camera, tripod, single-person tent and a few other supplies for the full trip. A little crazy, sure. But it'll make for a great story to tell my grandkids, no?

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  1. Love the reference to the grandkids :)
    Sounds like something only you would say!

  2. It is my dream place where you visited I wish to be there I will do hiking at Rondeau Provincial Park. You covered a lot of distance with your scooter you have done good job like best paper writing services are doing for others. Keep enjoy your life. Update us for more your interesting events when you done.

  3. You surely know how to write a five-paragraph essay when it comes to traveling. I wish I could have this skill too.


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